133 STDT Smart Tank Data Tx

Designed to fitted/retrofitted with the 133 ATLG, It is a microprocessor based transmitter for accurate digital conversion and transmission of product level and temperature data of tanks on a multi-drop RS 485 bus. It also provides an optional temperature measurement using an external temperature sensor SBEM’s 133 TMP.
  • Accessory of 133 ATLG.
  • Precise level and temperature transmission.
  • Automatic selection of temperature points for average temperature measurement.
  • Two way, two wire, digital transmission on RS 485 bus, allows looping of 16 transmitters, reduces cabling.
  • RS 232 C output for Tank Side Indicator.
  • PESO approved flameproof housing and intrinsically safe terminals for temperature sensor.
  • Local (field) level, temperature and alarm status indication.
  • Microprocessor based intelligent circuitry with self-diagnostics.
Circuitry Microcontroller 80C31 @ 8 MHz, 2 K RAM
Level Measurement & Transmission Through optical encoder.
Range 0-19999 mm
Accuracy +/- 1 mm
Input From sprocket shaft of SBEM or any other make of tank level gauge
Temperature Measurement & Transmission (optional) Using external temperature sensor
Range -100.0 to +100.0° C
Accuracy +/- 0.2° C
Resolution +/- 0.1° C
Sensor type Pt-100 Spot / Averaging (Multi-point). Maximum 14 points Selection through solid state electronic multiplexer
Transmission to Communication Interface Unit 2 Way / 2 wire RS 485 ASCII coded
Transmission to Tank Side Indicator Serial RS 232C
Baud rate 1200 (standard)
2400 (optional)
Data Protection Longitudinal and vertical parity check.
Inbuilt Display (Optional) 4 ½ digit, ½" high, 7 segment LCD to display sequentially - Level in mm - Temperature in C - Alarm status and diagnostics
Diagnostics In-built
Power Supply 110 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz, 1 mains isolated, 4 VA
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 to +60° C
Relative Humidity 95% max. (non condensing)
Transmitter Housing Cast Aluminium LM6
Protection Flameproof to IS/IEC 60079-1:2007, Zone 1, Gr. IIA & IIB
Weatherproof IP65 as per IS/IEC 
Terminals for temperature sensor Intrinsically safe to IS 5780- temperature 1980, Ex ia IIA and IIB T6
  • Two wire digital transmission of ATLG level, temperature and alarm status for remote indication.
  • ATLG based Tank Farm Management System.
  • Petroleum, Refineries, Chemicals, Petrochemicals.