133 CIU Communication Interface Unit

The Communication Interface Unit (CIU) is an intelligent control room instrument and is used for interfacing field transmitters to a server PC in the control room loaded with SBEM Tank Inventory Management Software (SBTIS), to form a complete tank inventory management system. The CIU is also available in a hot swappable redundant configuration for reduced down time.
  • Real-time, on-line, indication of level in mm and temperature in °C (with tank number) for up to 64 tanks.
  • Input from SBEM Smart Tank Data Transmitter, Servo Gauge & Radar Gauge.
  • Alternative indication of alarm and diagnostic data.
  • Alternative indication of interface level and density (in case of Servo Gauge).
  • Keyboard for operator interface and programming of alarms, date/time and auto printing intervals.
  • Additional keys for full operator access to Servo Gauge functions, including calibration.
  • Interface with IBM compatible PC-AT and standard dot matrix printer on RS 232C serial interface to form a complete Tank Inventory Management System.
  • In-built user programmable alarm annunciator for 4 level and 1 temperature alarm per tank.
  • Leak alarm with programmable rate.
  • Microprocessor based circuit with in-built diagnostics.


Circuitry Microcontroller Z80 @ 4 MHz, 8 K RAM (Battery backed)
Level & Temperature Indication
Input / output / command ASCII coded signal from/to SBEM Smart Tank Data Transmitter, Servo Gauge and from Radar Gauge on a 2 way / 2 wire RS 485 bus
Display 11 digit, 1/2" high 7 segment LED to simultaneously display
- CIU connection no. (2 digit)
- Level in mm (5 digit)
- Temperature in °C (4 digit)
Alternative indication of interface level and density (in case of Servo Gauge)
Data update Less than 2 seconds
With STDT & / or Servo Gauge On RS 485 port
Baud rate 1200 (standard)
2400 (optional)
With computer On RS 232C port
Baud rate 2400 (standard)
4800 (optional)
With DMP printer with serial interface On RS 232C port
Baud rate 1200 (fixed)
Programming & Operator Interface  In-built keyboard with 13 keys for operator interface - to
select tank no. for tank data display and program alarms,
date / time, auto printing time interval.
7 additional keys provide operator full access to the Servo Gauge functions.
Alarm annunciation (In-Built) Level alarms : Programmable 4 alarms per tank - LL, L, H and HH
Temperature alarm : Programmable 1 alarm per tank - TH
Leak alarm : Programmable rate
Alarm annunciated on display - display flashes showing tank
no. and alarm type. On acknowledging alarm through
keyboard, display returns to normal tank data display.
Alarm values are stored in non-volatile RAM.
Power Supply 110/230 VAC, ±10%, 50 Hz, 1 phase, 67 VA
Ambient operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Relative Humidity 95% maximum (non-condensing)
Mounting & Enclosure Table top / flush panel mounting, enclosure 19" full / half
rack - IP 30
Diagnostics On line and Off line
Variants LPG CIU – For LPG Servo Gauge (Liquid & Vapor Inventory)
RCIU – Hot swappable redundant communication unit.
  • ATLG / Servo Gauge based Tank Farm Management System.
  • LPG Inventory Management System.