133 TMP Average Temperature Sensor

An accessory to STDT + ATLG / Servo Gauge (SG) for real time average temperature measurement of liquid and vapour phases of the product. Averaging Temperature Sensors with Pt-100 elements (multi-point) are housed in sealed SS hose and are supplied complete with mounting accessories.
  • Measurement of Average Temperature of product stored in bulk storage tanks.
  • Maximum 14 nos. of RTD.
  • Choice of Intervals. Special intervals on request.
  • Mounting on all type of tanks viz. cone roof, floating roof, Pressurized tanks (With Thermo well).
  • Color coded wires for easy terminations.
  • Supplied with all required mounting accessories, termination JB etc.

Measuring Range

-20°C to +90°C


Pt 100 grade A as per DIN 43760/BS 1904. Accuracy over the range 0°C to 70°C is +/- 0.2°C

RTD Intervals

Choice of 1 m, 2 m, 3 m intervals. Others on request.

No. of RTDs

Max. 14 nos.

Depends on interval and maximum product level


Thin wall austenitic convolute tube in SS 316, which can withstand external pressures up to 25 Kg/Cm2

Electrical Connection

5 m flying leads of color-coded PTFE insulated wires protected by additional sleeving where they leave the sensor top.

Applicable Transmitters

133 STDT Smart Tank Data Transmitter.

139 M Servo Gauge


7 C * 1.5 mm2 – Max 2 nos. between JB and Transmitter.

  • ATLG / Servo Gauge based Tank Farm Management System.
  • LPG Inventory Management System.