133 ATLG - Small bulk storage tank

It is an economical inventory management solution for bulk storage tanks in lesser throughput and small capacity marketing terminals, petrochemical, chemical complexes. It is suitable for small depots & storage tanks.
  • Volume based system with Level and Average Temperature measurements.
  • Low cost, reliable system suitable for small depots & storage tanks.
  • Accuracies- Level: ±2 mm & Temperature: ±0.2 °C.
  • Provides complete inventory with volume conversions & temperature corrections as per ASTM tables.
  • Suitable for new as well as in-service tanks.
  • Supplied, installed & commissioned on turnkey basis, complete with all cabling & other accessories.
  • Provision to enter observed density & temperature, water level manually.
  The System Consists of, (Refer individual specifications)
133 ATLG Automatic tank level gauge For product level measurement.
Spot or 133 TMP Averaging Temperature Sensor For single point / averaging temperature measurement.
133 STDT Smart Tank Data Transmitter For transmission of level, temperature and alarms to 133 – CIU and Tank Side Indicator.
Tank Side Indicator For data / alarm display at tank side in case of top mounted ATLG.
133 CIU Communication Interface Unit For collection of data from all tanks and transmission to TFMS PC.
SBEM Tank Inventory Management Software (SBTIS) For Graphical / Tabular data representation, Reports, Alarms / Events, Inventory Calculations etc.
  • Tank gauging of bulk storage tanks in small throughput / capacity Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical, Chemical complexes, etc.
  • Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants.
  • Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants.