134 TM based for Auto LPG stations

It uses SBEM proven mag probe technology to offer accurate inventory along with fill point indications, separate overfill alarms and a Sales room control & display unit (134 SRI) to offer a complete inventory management for Auto LPG stations.
  • Inventory / Alarm Management at Auto LPG stations.
  • PESO approved System Components.
  • Separate High Level Alarm management using 134 – S (In addition to Software Alarms)
  • Fill Point and Control Room indications of Level, Volume and % Volume.
  • Communication with Supervisory System.
  The System Consists of, (Refer individual specifications)
134 TM Mag Probe For Level Measurement.
Fill Point Indicator 134 H or 134 FPI For indication of Level, Volume and % volume at Fill Point / Tank Side.
High Level Alarm Switch 134 - S For hard wired High Level Alarm.
Percentage Volume Indicator Model 176 or SRI (Sale Room Indicator) for Control Room Indications.
/ Sales Room Indicator
Control Panel To house control room instruments, alarm annunciator etc.
  • Auto LPG stations
  • Small capacity LPG storage tanks