Capacitance Type 114 MLS

Capacitance Type Level Switch 114 MLS uses SBEM’s proven capacitance technology and is available in remote and integral configurations with up to 2 set points.They can be used in a variety of application for detecting/controlling level of liquids like water, water bound solutions, oils, Chemicals. They can also be used for solids. A wide option of electrodes to cover variety of applications is available.
  • Suitable for liquids and solids.
  • Suitable for conductive / non-conductive liquids.
  • Microprocessor based instrument.
  • Surface / Pipe mounting options.
  • Built inTime delay & probe failure alarm (optional).
  • Up to 2 point switch.
Power Supply 115VAC / 230VAC/24VDC
Relay Contacts 2 C/O, 5A @ 230VAC, Resistive
Function (solids) 1 - Level alarm (With time delay)
2 - Level and probe failure alarm ( Optional )
Function (liquids) 1 - Single point level switch with adjustable time delay & with optional probe failure Alarm.
2 - Two point level switch with adjustable time delay.
Time Delay 0 – 200 s
Fail Safe feature DIP switch settable fail safe high (FSH) or fail safe low (FSL)
Controls Potentiometers to set: Level Alarms &Time Delay.
DIP-For setting level alarms
Indication Red LED for Level Alarm
Bi- Color LED for Level above set point
Red LED for Probe Failure (Optional)
Sensitivity + / - 0.5 % of probe output
Environmental conditions Temperature : -10º C to + 60º C 
Relative Humidity : 0 % to 95 % (Non condensing)
Enclosure Cast aluminum, Polyurethane painted,Weatherproof to IP-67
Electrode options Refer Leaflets.
  • In Thermal Power Station,Chemical Plants, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • Non-Conductive liquids: Edible oil,Turbine oil,Synthetic Oils,Kerosene,Diesel & Other Petroleum products.
  • Conductive liquids: Water,Effluent, Milk, Beer, Acids & Alkalies etc.
  • Detecting / Controlling level of dry / moist,free flowing solids like Cement, clinker, limestone, coal, fly ash,foundry sand, iron ore,nylon / PVC chips, pellets, food grains, etc.