Tank Gauging Products

  • The 139M Servo Gauge is an intelligent, microprocessor based instrument for accurate measurement of product level, interface level, density & temperature. It is used for custody transfer & inventory control applications & meet the requirements according to OIML R85 & is SIL2 certified (Functional Safety) for overfill protection applications in hazardous locations.

  • A Float & Tape type Level Gauge for level measurement of clear liquids in large bulk storage tanks - Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Underground, Reservoirs & Sumps, etc. The use of a large diameter float & constant force spring ensures high accuracy & reliability.

  • Available to be fitted with the 133 ATLG, the 133 TS offers a 4-20 mA DC output to provide remote indication of level and a limit switch whose contacts are used for alarm annunciation or remote control applications.

  • Designed to fitted/retrofitted with the 133 ATLG, It is a microprocessor based transmitter for accurate digital conversion and transmission of product level and temperature data of tanks on a multi-drop RS 485 bus. It also provides an optional temperature measurement using an external temperature sensor SBEM’s 133 TMP.

  • The Communication Interface Unit (CIU) is an intelligent control room instrument and is used for interfacing field transmitters to a server PC in the control room loaded with SBEM Tank Inventory Management Software (SBTIS), to form a complete tank inventory management system. The CIU is also available in a hot swappable redundant configuration for reduced down time.

  • An accessory to STDT + ATLG / Servo Gauge (SG) for real time average temperature measurement of liquid and vapour phases of the product. Averaging Temperature Sensors with Pt-100 elements (multi-point) are housed in sealed SS hose and are supplied complete with mounting accessories.

  • A Windows based software package for calculation of inventories at standard temperature by volume or by mass. A menu driven and user friendly navigator provides inventory reports - tank wise, product wise, group wise and in various formats. Data logging, file transfers, networking and interfacing/integrating with supervisory system e.g. DCS, SCADA, LRC, PLC, etc. is possible.